Hello my new friend…

You’re here because you want to know the person behind this awesome website called IM Reality Show (IM stands for Internet Marketing)

That person is ME!

Me as in Najja Banks

Entrepreneur, internet marketer, husband and father to 2 dogs.

I am just an average guy doing not so average things online with a goal to achieve freedom through
the internet.

I am not some GooRoo that has made millions online! NOPE!!!

I know you were probably expecting some awesome rags to riches story so if that’s what you are
looking for then I’m sorry to disappoint you.

I currently work a full time job at a web hosting company in the SEO department helping small businesses
get more exposure online.

It’s a great job but I will not achieve “FREEDOM” working for someone else!!!

So WHY should you listen to me?

1. Well, although I am not a full time internet marketer, I have made thousands of dollars online.

2. I’m probably just like YOU and your wondering if you can build a business while working a full time job!

3. You probably just want to earn an extra $2k to $4k online consistently just like me. That amount of money would most likely pay quite a few bills and provide some breathing room to take a vacation or two!

So yeah, if there’s one guy who’s most like you – it’s probably me.

I’m not trying to sell myself or anything. It’s just the way it is.

Between you and me, the journey has just started. There’s a long road ahead.

That is WHY I created this website to document my journey to FREEDOM!!

So what’s the goal of IM Reality Show?

It’s simple really…

“I Challenge Myself To Learn And Implement various marketing strategies online using a variety of tools and system and record my results right here on this website for the world to see!”

The Strategies and Actions I take For Me To Earn A Minimum Of $4,000 / month PROFIT!

From Affiliate Direct Response Marketing In The “Make Money Online” Niche and in the process show and prove to others that they can copy me and profit for themselves.”

The above is my mission statement.

I MUST live it!

I MUST raise my standards.

I MUST grow to become a person deserving of $4,000 a month and beyond…

Direct Response Marketing is the style of marketing used by people such as Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Andre Chaperon, Chuck Nguyen to name just a few.

I chose direct response marketing because it is very transparent! You put a $1 in and hope for $2 out in a relatively short period of time.

It’s the style of marketing that resonates most with me.

But to achieve my goal I’ll will need to develop two key skills of my own…


And to FOCUS my ‘working’ time on building my primary ASSETS for my business…

MY EMAIL LIST and SYSTEMS (that automate and leverage)


GROWING MYSELF (through implementing what I learn)

Enough theory.

So what will I be promoting?

I will be promoting various different tools, systems, affiliate offers in the niche that are so prevalent online.

Do I have a criteria?

Of course I do!!

I will only promote what I actually use and/or have purchased myself and have had time to review the offer in detail.

My intention when promoting a product is to:-

  • Help people by promoting what works
  • Build my email list (main asset)
  • At worst break even within 30 days of campaign launch
  • Build ongoing streams of income (Passive Residual Income)

So strap in, and join me on this ride.

There’s plenty of ways to connect with me. I’m too lazy to place all the links in this post.

If you’re really serious about hooking up, you will find it on this site, or somewhere on the internet.

Your friendly neighborhood marketer who “Keeps It Real!”,

Najja Banks